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Since 2006, zAgile has been providing innovative solutions to address the challenges enterprises face when integrating heterogeneous tools and applications, connecting inter-departmental business processes, and accessing information that is widely scattered across the organization. The key objectives behind these integrations are to improve collaboration between teams, optimize their business processes, especially processes that cross departmental boundaries, and unify information across a myriad of sources to make it accessible and relevant for key business decisions. zAgile’s solutions apply a variety of innovative technologies, and serve enterprises representing a broad range of industries, such as Technology, Banking, Retail, and Healthcare.

Departmental and functional Silos within organizations have grown and deepened progressively, especially with rapid adoption of cloud applications. One one hand, the functionally rich cloud applications offer convenience of rapid deployment and on-boarding to their users, they also deepen the silos and isolate their users from their colleagues in the organization. The urgency of reducing these silos and bringing the disconnected teams together towards achieving common goals raises the need for integration of applications, processes and information. Furthermore, these challenges grow as more disparate and heterogeneous applications and tools become entrenched within the enterprise.

zAgile has been focused on providing solutions to these problems. Specifically, zAgile’s solutions focus on bridging the gap between customers and product teams. From the very beginning, it has been our vision and mission to bring customers closer to the enterprise, to allow organizations to more successfully serve their customers. To this end, zAgile’s solutions are directed at a number of specific areas within an organization that include Sales, Services, Support and Product/Engineering.

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