Jim Clayton, Principal, Symphony Technology Group, a group focused on maximizing operational efficiencies in the enterprise software and services market

Jim Clayton brings extensive experience in building new companies to the team at Symphony Technology Group where he has lent his expertise to numerous portfolio companies, including Symphony Metreo, Qiva, Trigo Technologies, and ePIT Systems. Prior to joining Symphony, he was an engagement manager with McKinsey & Company and a member of its Corporate Finance and Strategy Practice. At McKinsey, he worked with clients in a variety of industries, including transportation, energy, technology, and finance. Jim attended the University of Texas, where he earned a BA degree in business administration and a law degree.


David Richards, President & CEO, WanDisco, a leading provider of distributed software development solutions. Mr. Richards has over 15 years as an executive in the software industry and sits on both boards and advisory boards of Silicon Valley start-up ventures. Mr. Richards is a veteran of several successful start-up companies in Enterprise Software and is recognized as an industry leader in both EAI and EAI standards. He has spoken and written widely about standards in application integration and the adoption of open-source technologies.

Prior to WANdisco, Mr. Richards served as the President and CEO of Librados, where he took the company from an early stage technology company to exponential customer and revenue growth. David led the company's acquisition by NetManage (Nasdaq:NETM) just over a year after joining the company. Following the successful acquisition he joined the executive management team of NetManage where he served as Vice President and General Manager.

Prior to Librados, David was the President and CEO of Insevo, Inc. where he raised venture capital from the world largest venture capital fund, 3i. After becoming a recognized leader in the middleware space the company was acquired.

David has also served on the boards of ObjectWeb, a leading open source application server company based in France and the EAI Industry Consortium where he also chaired the adapter committee.

David currently serves on the boards and advisory boards of several technology companies. He is a strategic advisor to NEC Corporation, where he advises the head of NEC software group (Japan) to define open source strategy. David holds a BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Huddersfield, England.


Michael Moody

As Senior Vice President of Engineering at Jaspersoft, Mike is responsible for all aspects of product development, quality, and delivery. With more than 24 years of experience in software engineering, Moody has successfully transitioned Jaspersoft’s product line strategy from a proprietary/commercial base to a leading commercial open source BI position. Prior to Jaspersoft, Moody headed up CenterBoard’s engineering development and was vice president of Engineering Operations at Portal Software where he saw it through a successful IPO with a team of up to 130 professionals.

Moody was also senior director for value added software at Auspex Systems where he directed 45 software engineers in the development of Java-based system management tools. He has also held management positions at Wyse Technology and General Electric. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a B.S. in Combined Science from the University of Santa Clara and recently co-authored a book titled “Leading and Managing in Silicon Valley”(http://tinyurl.com/nnt99c).