zAgile is pleased to deliver powerful, open solutions to customers in a variety of sectors. Our goal is to make you more successful with the environment you have, by adding the cohesion, collaboration, and confidence you have been seeking.

OpenStack is a leading open source software platform for building public and private clouds. The OpenStack Foundation drives its evolution and is backed by enterprise leaders include IBM, Cisco, HP, Red Hat, RackSpace, AT&T, VMware, Dell, Canonical, and others. zAgile's Wikidsmart was selected to power OpenStack's development Activity Board for a visual overview of all the OpenStack public activity of community members across multiple dimensions: contributors and organizations, projects and code-related contributions. From a single interface, you can easily surf OpenStack project content, whether it is coming from the Launchpad bug tracker, Git version control system or Gerrit code review application--all mapped against the OpenStack Foundation members database. The intention of the Activity Board is to give the community a way to answer very precise questions like: who’s contributing to that particular project? What is that developer working on? Which commits/changes are related to a particular bug? Who’s joined the development community recently? etc.

“We've really enjoyed our first project with zAgile. We had a tight timeline to build a custom integration between Salesforce and JIRA. Right from the start, zAgile worked closely with us to ensure they understood our requirements and offered additional ideas to solve our business problems. During the acceptance testing, the zAgile team was extremely responsive. They've been a pleasure to work with!“

Ei-Mang Wu, Senior Product Manager, Marketo

"Wikidsmart helped us glue together a handful of different internal (Confuence, Zendesk and Salesforce) sites and enabled visibility into them with one view, a continued timesaver." (5/5 stars on AppExchange)

Jeff Wilsbacher, Project Manager, LucidWorks

SIX is responsible for the Swiss financial infrastructure, and its shareholders are 150 national and international financial institutions including Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Citigroup, and
JP Morgan Chase. zAgile's Wikidsmart was the only platform SIX could find to fit their needs in terms of Requirements Management integrated within Confluence and JIRA as well as integration of the whole software engineering environment for powerful interoperability, search, traceability, and reporting. Read the SIX case study about Wikidsmart here.



Market6 is the retail industry's leading software company in "last mile" supply chain technology. Learn how they used zAgile products to improve team collaboration, coordination, and process flows in their software delivery. Click here to see the case study of Market6



zAgile's Wikidsmart platform may be used for a wide range of use cases beyond software engineering. Any time there are requirements of searching, reporting, integrating and facilitating complex, structured information management, Wikidsmart can help. One such example comes from Orthopaedia® (, a collaborative orthopaedic knowledgebase for orthopaedic surgeons and musculoskeletal health care professionals. It is a repository of educational materials and a professional network for the exchange of information. Learn more about UHN's project with zAgile here.