Includes Open Source Semantic Web Infrastructure for Structured, Information-Rich Collaboration for the Enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –  June 15, 2009  – zAgile, Inc., the commercial open source leader in information collaboration, today announced the general availability of Wikidsmart v1.1 Professional. Wikidsmart’s groundbreaking semantic wiki features for Atlassian’s Confluence enterprise wiki, and soon for MindTouch, enable users to:

  • enter content in a consistent and contextually organized fashion;
  • generate pages of inferred wiki content; automate wiki page and link maintenance; and
  • easily find precise information with context-sensitive navigation and search.

Information collaboration is the deep integration of information across teams, tools, and applications, with a common semantic web based infrastructure, enabling comprehensive organization-wide collaboration. The zAgile infrastructure provides a foundation for information integration with other applications in the enterprise.

Although wikis are extremely popular for collaboration, users struggle with organizing, maintaining, and finding content, as well as entering data in a consistent way that captures meaningful information. And users waste time maintaining links manually which often cause wrong or outdated information. These inefficiencies and inconsistencies create bottlenecks for users to collaborate quickly and easily. Wikidsmart removes these bottlenecks by enabling users to semantically capture content.  

Content may be entered in a consistent fashion via semantically annotated forms. Annotation captures properties, behaviors, and relationships of content. Information may be retrieved by contextually navigating through topics or simple context-sensitive searches. Inferred content may be generated automatically with simple embedded queries.

Before Wikidsmart, no way existed to deeply integrate information across systems and expose the information within the wiki. Plug-ins attempt to integrate data silos but do not provide a comprehensive semantic foundation. And other semantic wikis are limited to content within the wiki itself.

zAgile’s infrastructure, driven by ontologies that describe the artifacts, relationships, and behaviors for a domain, enables rich integration with other systems based on open semantic web standards. Extensible ontologies for the software engineering domain are included, and zAgile provides professional services for ontology development for other domains including CRM and ERP. Other ontologies from third party providers may be used as well.
Connectors are currently available for Jira, Subversion, and Perforce, and others will be added by zAgile and its open source community.

Product Technical Specifications

  • Support for ontologies based on OWL-DL
  • Ontology import/export tools to implement domain-specific or customized ontologies
  • Built-in reasoner
  • Customizable wiki forms built from macro-based templates for capturing content semantics.  Templates derive from the underlying ontologies and support attribute data type and cardinality. 
  • The templates support mixing of both semantic and unstructured content on a page.
  • Templates can be nested and support the instantiation of multiple concepts per page
  • Smart Search leverages the ontologies to search and retrieve concept instances and their attributes.  Semantic navigation in the result set allows for contextual traversal across the information network
  • Auto-generated properties page for each instance displays values associated with object and data properties
  • Customizable concept-specific templates for default rendering of instances based on their defined concept 
  • Embedded query support via macros on any page, using SPARQL syntax
  • zCALM infrastructure separates the semantic store from the wiki to support federated semantic repositories
  • XML/RPC-based API for access to semantic repository from any application, allowing wiki semantic content to be accessible via external applications

Availability and Pricing
Wikidsmart Professional is available for evaluation at  A hosted “sandbox” allows users to test-drive a sample Wikidsmart v1.1 for Confluence via the web without installing products (and integration with JIRA included).  Pricing starts at $4,000 for 25 users.
About zAgile, Inc.
Founded in 2006, zAgile, the open source leader in information collaboration, has corporate headquarters in San Francisco. Information collaboration is the deep integration of information across teams, tools, and applications, with a common semantic web based infrastructure, enabling comprehensive organization-wide collaboration. zAgile significantly reduces costs of collaboration on projects, instills consistency of methodologies across all projects, and instills confidence and predictability of delivery schedules. Partners include Atlassian, HP, MindTouch, WanDisco, and Red Hat/JBoss.

Media Contact

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zAgile, Inc.
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