April 21, 2016 - Webinar:
Salesforce & JIRA integration with zAgileConnect
(recorded webinar, 1 hour and 6 minutes)

zAgileConnect provides easy and powerful integration between Salesforce and JIRA. This is especially valuable to Customer Support teams in helping them escalate customer cases to Engineering and track their progress towards resolution.
In this webinar, we will provide an in-depth look at the features that zAgileConnect offers for bringing Salesforce and JIRA together. We will walk thru the features at length, as well as review the configurations in detail to help you get the most value from this integration for both Support and Engineering teams.
Whether you are already using zAgileConnect or looking for an integration solution, the webinar will leave you with in-depth understanding of the state-of-the-art integration available via zAgileConnect and ways in which you can leverage it for your teams.
The webinar will include a demo of the latest features followed by Q&A.

zAgileConnect v1.6 for Salesforce & JIRA Integration - Quick Tour
(5 minutes)

zAgileConnect allows for bidirectional integration of information between Salesforce and JIRA. It facilitates improved coordination between teams across the two applications so that both sides may efficiently collaborate on, exchange information, and track various activities as they work on various customer-centric tasks.
The focus and goal of this integration is to bridge the gap between Sales, Support and Engineering and allow them to work more efficiently towards resolving customer-related tasks. The current release of zAgileConnect delivers integration and flows specifically targeted for Customer Support (i.e. Case-centric).

Webinar: Integrating Salesforce and JIRA with zAgileConnect-An Accellion Case Study
(recorded webinar, 47 minutes)

In this webinar, you will hear from Tess Sta Romana of Accellion, who will discuss her team's objectives and requirements for this integration, as well as experiences and benefits using zAgileConnect.
Accellion is an award-winning provider of mobile solutions to enterprises to increase business productivity while ensuring security and compliance.
The webinar will also include a demo of the deep integration and interoperability between Salesforce and JIRA available via zAgileConnect.

zAgileConnect-powerful integration for Salesforce and JIRA-Webinar 05-21-2014 (recorded webinar, 30 minutes)

Is your Service Cloud environment tightly integrated with your internal engineering tools?
Is Customer Service efficiently able to track Case resolutions across Engineering and provide timely feedback to Customers?
Is Customer Service collaborating with Engineering?

If the answer is 'No' or if you are looking for ways to improve SLA compliance and customer satisfaction, then you will want to learn about zAgileConnect.
This live webinar is intended for Salesforce Service Cloud and Atlassian JIRA customers looking for ways to bridge Customer Service and Engineering teams, to provide improved collaboration between them, and to reduce overall time spent on tracking Customer Cases.
The webinar includes a demo of the deep integration and interoperability between Salesforce and JIRA available via zAgileConnect.

Introduction to Wikidsmart (recorded webinar, 60 minutes)

Learn how Wikidsmart allows you to INSTANTLY integrate your software engineering tools as well as your CRM. Also learn about Wikidsmart Applications / Solutions which enable Requirements Management, Test Case Management and Automation, Customer On-Boarding, and more within your existing Confluence and JIRA environment. This offers a sneak peak into how Wikidsmart will enable instant cloud enterprise application integration for ultimate interoperability, traceability, reporting, and faceted search.

Wikidsmart PM: Requirements Management within Confluence, Integrated with JIRA

(Wikidsmart PM v4.0 recorded webinar, 56 minutes)

(Wikidsmart PM v4.1 recorded webinar, 51 minutes): Featuring Case Study of SIX, Requirements Import, and What's New in v4.1

Defining requirements and tracking them through the software delivery process is a constant challenge. Challenges include: tracking requirement completion, quality (bugs and test execution against requirements), and traceability (changes across releases). zAgile's Wikidsmart PM offers an open source and pragmatic approach to Requirements Management by enabling Atlassian's Confluence wiki and JIRA issue tracker to manage Requirements in a powerful, flexible way, while addressing all of the challenges mentioned earlier. Wikidsmart is an open source platform which enables integration of software engineering tools as well as business applications like CRM. In addition, it enables composite applications - such as Wikidsmart PM for Requirements Management - to be manifested within your existing tools and applications.

Wikdismart QA: Full cycle Test Management and Automation with Selenium, Confluence and JIRA
(recorded webinar, 54 minutes)

Webinar recording to demonstrate how you can use Confluence, JIRA and Selenium, using zAgile Wikidsmart QA, to achieve full cycle test management and automation.

Wikidsmart CRM: Case Management and Customer On-Boarding with Salesforce, JIRA & Confluence
(recorded webinar, 34 minutes)

Recorded webinar discussing zAgile Wikidsmart's integration of
Salesforce with Confluence and JIRA to provide account management, case management and customer on-boarding capabilities. This integration bridges the gap between Sales and Engineering as it ties customer information with internal delivery processes, workflows and schedules. It significantly improves collaboration amongst teams involved in customer-focused projects.

Wikidsmart CRM: Smart Integration for Salesforce, Zendesk, JIRA, Confluence, and more
(43 minutes)

You've already selected the best-of-breed applications for CRM, Help Desk, Issue Tracker, and wiki. But how do you integrate them all? Point-to-Point solutions tend to be good enough to start when you need data from one application to appear to another. But more times than not, those "quick fixes," are not quick nor a fix. They tend to be laborious and still require manual intervention in most cases. Wikidsmart is an open source integration platform that lets you quickly integrate applications in a contextual way. Wikidsmart's underlying "knowledge graph" understands how Customers, Issues, Cases, Requirements, and more are all inter-related. That means you instantly achieve deep interoperability, traceability, faceted search, and a reporting layer for all integrated content.

Wikidsmart CD: "Providing a unified view of Community Site Content
OpenStack video examples:
Webinar (44 minutes)
OpenStack Summit(40 minutes)

Open Source Community projects are often managed via a number of email lists as well as software engineering tools such as a wiki, issue tracker, version control, continuous integration, etc. Achieving a coherent view of all the information is tedious and immensely difficult. Wikidsmart CD gives the community a way to answer questions like: who's contributing to that particular feature of the Project? What is that developer working on? How many work hours/lines of code went into adding that feature/blueprint? What are users saying about the Project? Wikidsmart CD integrates information across different systems to give corporate and community users a unified view of all the efforts going into the Project in real-time. The system answers questions with faceted search of concepts across all the different repositories, tracing people and artifacts across different repositories and bug tracker in order to reconcile people and corresponding contributions.

Dashboards within Confluence (38 minutes)

Achieving a unified view of your environment's content as well as the ability to find precise information quickly and easily is commonly a constant challenge. zAgile's Wikidsmart instantly connects content from JIRA, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Confluence, and enables you to view the content in a dashboard environment of your choice, including Confluence, Red Hat GateIn portal, or others. In this webinar, you learn: how to instantly integrate content from JIRA, Confuence, Salesforce, and Zendesk and expose it within Confluence; how to achieve traceability, reports, and dashboards within Confluence of integrated content; and how to use Wikidsmart's faceted search to find information quickly and easily from within Confluence.

Advanced Search within Confluence for Wiki Content, JIRA, and More! (8 minutes)

zAgile Wikidsmart brings advanced, contextual search within your Confluence wiki, and the same search can be embedded within whatever application or tool you want. A Google OpenSocial Gadget is now available as well, to more easily bring the advanced search power to business users. You can look for text strings related to specific topics associated with specific content, whether within the wiki or a federated search of all content amongst all tools and applications.
Please note: Teamwork has been renamed and separated into different Wikidsmart Applications / Wikidsmart Solutions.

zAgile Teamwork for Agile Software Engineering,
with JIRA and Confluence
(10 minutes)

Achieve maximum efficiency and predictability with your Agile processes. Define Requirements and Test Cases in Confluence, and tie those to Project, Tasks, and Issues in JIRA. Add other tools as desired.
Please note: Teamwork has been renamed and separated into different Wikidsmart Applications / Wikidsmart Solutions.

zAgile Teamwork Integrates Salesforce with Confluence & JIRA (8 minutes)

In this video, we demonstrate how the integration of Salesforce with Confluence and JIRA using zAgile Teamwork can bring customer relationship management to the rest of your organization. The integration of these tools enables the entire organization to be on the same page with regards to achieving highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.
1) Customer onboarding
2) Customer Account Management
3) Customer Case Management
4) Customer Requirements Management
Please note: Teamwork has been renamed and separated into different Wikidsmart Applications / Wikidsmart Solutions.

zAgile Teamwork Integrates Selenium with Confluence & JIRA
(5 minutes)

Explore how the integration of Selenium with Confluence and JIRA using zAgile Teamwork can give you added boost to your QA cycles. The integration of these tools enables full cycle testing management, automation, reporting and traceability for your product releases.
1) Define Test Suites and Test Cases in Confluence
2) Use JIRA Workflow to execute Test Scripts
3) Automatically link results of script execution to Test Cases
Please note: Teamwork has been renamed and separated into different Wikidsmart Applications / Wikidsmart Solutions.

Wiki mash-up for Application Interoperability:
Atlassian Jira and Confluence
(10 minutes)

Atlassian Jira is a popular issue tracking tool, and Atlassian Confluence is an enterprise wiki. Deep, contextual integration is achieved with the zAgile semantic infrastructure which enables semantic forms in Confluence. As an example, requirements are captured in semantic forms in Confluence, and automatically instantiated into Jira. Bi-directional integration links are maintained.
Please note: Teamwork has been renamed and separated into different Wikidsmart Applications / Wikidsmart Solutions.

Capture, enforce, and track your processes (12 minutes)

Learn how you can help your organization capture your processes and methodologies, embed those into your software delivery process, track the use of the processes, and enforce the processes through your software engineering lifecycle.
Please note: Teamwork has been renamed and separated into different Wikidsmart Applications / Wikidsmart Solutions.

zAgile Portal Example - Easy, Composite Front-End
...for Atlassian's Jira and Confluence
(7 minutes)

A zAgile portal can act as a composite front-end for your tools and applications. This example shows how to use zAgile for a fast ramp-up to implement and integrate Atlassian's Jira and Confluence.  Atlassian products are powerful and easy to use. However, some aspects can be complex when starting out, or you may want to shield some features from some users. zAgile portlets are used to create and view Jira issues and access other applications such as Confluence via the same portal.
Please note: Teamwork has been renamed and separated into different Wikidsmart Applications / Wikidsmart Solutions.