Salesforce and Slack Connector

Seamless conversation link between Salesforce and Slack


Share messages, files, and data with others in your organization. Get everyone on the same page to assist with your sales and support needs.


  • Close deals faster thru better team coordination across your organization
  • Share valuable insights from the field with Product teams
  • Manage Accounts more effectively thru cross-team collaboration



  • Provide Sales and Support with faster resolution to product and technical needs of Customers and Prospects
  • Provide rapid assist to Sales and Marketing
  • Improve alignment of Product priorities and Release Roadmaps with Sales and Customer needs


  • Respond faster to Technical and Product needs of Customers
  • Engage in real-time collaboration with Product teams to address Customer issues
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve SLA compliance

What is Chat:Bridge?


Chat:Bridge is a connector that enables bidirectional conversation between Salesforce and Slack.

Chat:Bridge facilitates improved coordination between teams in Salesforce, working on Marketing, Sales and Support-related activities, and the rest of the organization that is tactically drawn upon in support of these activities. It allows for the entire organization to be empowered to assist with sales and customer-centric tasks.

The goal of this integration is to bring your prospects and customers closer to your organization to enable you to serve them efficiently and rapidly.

Chat:Bridge allows your teams in Salesforce to easily collaborate with their Slack teammates, engage them in sales and customer-centric tasks, share knowledge from the field, and help drive product innovation.

Whether your teams in Salesforce are generating Leads, pursuing Opportunities, managing Accounts, or responding to Customer-initiated Cases, they can reach out to their Slack teammates quickly and easily to request assistance, information, or share their progress and achievements. All conversations occur in real-time and stay within the context of the Chatter Feeds associated with their activities and the Slack channels with which they are shared. The conversation exchange may be threaded, may include files shared between the teams, and can be initiated with any public channel or Slack team from anywhere in Salesforce.


Features & Benefits

   Collaboration Exchange messages between Salesforce and Slack channels
Exchange files between Salesforce and Slack channels
@mention Slack users and channels in messages from Salesforce
Maintain threaded conversations
   Automation Maintain Slack communications with your workflows and processes in Salesforce
   Usability Quick Actions available for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning UI
Automaticall include related fields and pre-configured templates in messages to provide context to Slack users
   Search Search and Retrieve Salesforce data from Slack channels

The Chat:Bridge Advantage

By providing seamless connectivity between Salesforce Chatter and Slack, Chat:Bridge improves collaboration and coordination across the organization on Sales and Support-centric activities. It helps teams close deals faster and achieve Customer Satisfaction.

Chat:Bridge works with all standard and custom objects in Salesforce that support Chatter. It allows you to directly exchange messages and files with your teams via Slack public channels, while automatically sharing the context of the object (Account, Lead, Opportunity, Case, etc) pertinent to the conversation. And they do not have to leave Salesforce to collaborate with the rest of the organization, thus gaining significant and measurable time saving in accomplishing their tasks.

Are you ready to empower your teams to help you improve Sales and Customer Service in your organization?

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